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The Practical English Course was founded in 1987. More than 2000 students have graduated from our basic and advanced courses. Today many of these students are teachers at our school and at other schools in Anápolis. Many students have gone to work or study in foreign countries.

Throughout the years we have had many special programs, such as: excursions to the U.S.A., field trips, cultural programs, and talent shows. Every year we have a commencement program for our graduating students.

Today the Practical English Course has a specialized group of teachers and employees. We have special conversation classes at every level given by American teachers. Our principal is American, with a degree in education and has been a teacher for over thirty years.

Our levels are given by the semester. We begin new groups in February and August. We welcome your personal visit to our school, located at the corner of Rua 4 and Rua A, Quadra G, Lote 8, Vila Santa Isabel, zip code 75083-420, near Anashopping Mall.